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Mess with El Torito, Get the Horns: Phillies 7, Braves 4

After blowing a 4 run lead, the Phillies rally to beat the Braves in the 10th thanks to the heroics of Herrera & Rupp.

Mike Carlson/Getty Images

This game had a lot of ups and downs, and it started with a hell of a lot of ups.

The Phillies got to scoring almost immediately, with Odubel Herrera walking, Andres Blanco singling and Maikel Franco following up with a sac fly to score Odubel. The fun continued in the Second when Velasquez collected his first of two hits on the night. He would do so again in the Fourth.

Speaking of the fourth inning, this happened:

In addition to Freddy Galvis' two run homer, Bourjos followed Vinny's hit with a single of his own, chasing Braves pitcher Aaron Blair from the game. It wasn't helpful to them though, as Odubel singled to bring Vinny home (with some help from Kelly Johnson, who made a throwing error).

There honestly wasn't much action to note from the Braves for most of the game. Vinny was mowing them down with little effort. That is... until the Seventh Inning. Things started to go downhill real quick.

Vinny's dominance dissipated with a Freddy Freeman single, a Kelly Johnson walk and an AJ Pierzynski single to load the bases, all without recording an out. Then Gordon Beckham made it a one run game with a bases clearing double, chasing Vinny from the mound to bring in David Hernandez.

Our old friend Jeff Francoeur came off the bench and proceeded to hit an RBI single to tie the game. Hernandez managed to escape the inning after that with a strikeout and a double play, but the damage was done and a game that seemed like it might be an easy win started was reset.

The Eighth Inning passed without incident, as did the Phillies' half of the Ninth. The Braves looked like they might end the game before it got to extras with a two-out single from Beckham, but they failed to capitalize on it and this baby headed to extras.

The Top of the Tenth was much, much more fun though, as it began with an Otripel. Can we talk about El Torito for a moment?

This man is a treasure and must be protected at all costs.

Blanco reached base on a HBP, putting runners on the corners with no outs. Franco had a chance for a big moment but had a pretty miserable at bad that ended in a strikeout. It's really sad to see him struggling so much and I hope he breaks out of his slump soon. Darin Ruf followed up as a pinch hitter for Howard and did Darin Ruf things.

Freddy was next and loaded the bases with a walk, setting the stage for Cameron Rupp to have a dramatic at bat. And boy did he deliver.

His three-run double put the Phillies ahead permanently, keeping the game out of reach for the Braves who went down in order to Jeanmar Gomez, who after tonight is once again the NL's Saves leader. This win gives the Phillies a 4-0 record in extra innings and a 20-15 season record.

Are we having fun? I'm having fun.