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Game Thread: Phillies at Cardinals 5/2/16

I hate Cardinals fans with a passion and I want nothing more than for them to be utterly miserable.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


Busch Stadium

8:15Pm EDT on CSN

Jeremy Hellickson (2-1) 3.81 ERA

PHILLIES: Hellickson had his best start of the season Wednesday against the Nationals, allowing just two hits in seven scoreless innings. Hellickson has only faced the Cardinals once. He earned a win against them in 2011 and will do the same exact shit tonight and make all Cardinals fans cry racist tears.

Adam Wainwright (1-3) 7.16 ERA

CARDINALS: Though his line on Wednesday - 5 1/3 innings, seven hits, four runs - didn’t indicate it, Wainwright was pleased with his improved command. In particular, he found he was able to get late life on his pitches for the first time this season. lol whatever helps you sleep at night bruh.