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Phillies sign Cuban outfielder Osmel Aguila

The Phils are getting back into the Cuban waters, if only for a small dip.

The Phillies are getting back into the Cuban business.

Despite the failure of Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez to become a viable member of the Phillies rotation or bullpen, the Phils are dipping their toes in the Cuban waters once again, although in a much shallower pond.

Aguila is 26 years old and was originally signed by the team back in March for $100,000, but visa issues kept him in the Dominican Republic until they could be worked out. As the team announced, he is now in Clearwater for extended spring training. After that, he is expected to move to AAA.

Based on some video, it sure does look like the kid enjoys to swing the bat.

In six seasons in the Cuban professional league, Aguila had a .280/.384/.447 slash line, with an .802 OPS. He was not a home run hitter, hitting just 3 in 137 PAs last season and 2 in 188 PAs in 2013. His career high was 13 in 314 PAs in 2010.

He likely functions as outfield depth for the organization, along the likes of Cedric Hunter and Alfredo Marte. He will not be blocking any of the team's top outfield prospects.

Obviously, Phillies scouts saw something in Aguila, but not much is known about him outside of whatever they have seen. It's not a major move by the team, but it does show they are still looking in Cuba, despite the disappointment of Gonzalez.