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Watch as Wilson Valdez saves the day for the Phillies, again

Before the Phillies try not to get homered to death this afternoon, re-live one of their more iconic successes from five years ago.

It was a Wednesday night. It was late.

Already with two consecutive baseball games played out, the Phillies and Reds pushed onto the 19th inning tied at four, with a gallery of bleary-eyed, sleep-starved baseball junkies waiting for the inevitable: a position player pitching.

It is a beautiful moment, to see Chris Davis or Casper Wells take the mound. We know that what follows may be grotesque, but reaching this point usually means something has gone wrong for somebody, and we're just watching out of morbid curiosity.

But when the Phillies game came back from commercial and Wilson Valdez was on the mound, we knew we were watching something special. Even the CSN Philly producers were so excited, they couldn't get their hands to stop shaking as they typed.

Here's to the next time the Phillies keep us up all night.