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Phillies back to earth? The Felske Files Episode #50

On this week's edition of The Felske Files, host John Stolnis speaks with former Phillies closer and Comcast SportsNet analyst Ricky Bottalico about what to do with Ryan Howard, Odubel Herrera's bat flip, and how this season compares to the 1995 team he played on. Also, the latest update on who the Phillies may take in the MLB Draft, the soon-to-change strike zone, and how you can enjoy watching the Phillies without sweating the small stuff so much.

The Phillies lost two series this week to the horrible Atlanta Braves and the pretty darn good Detroit Tigers. Yet, the Phils won the final game of each series, denying both teams a sweep. Now, as they head to Chicago to play the best team in baseball, the Chicago Cubs, it's time to ask the question - are the Phillies coming back to earth? Are all those one-run games in which the Phils finished on the winning side about to even out?

Joining me this week is Ricky Bottalico, former Phillies closer and current Comcast SportsNet analyst, to talk about that as well as the other big stories concerning the team this week, including what to do with Ryan Howard, Odubel Herrera's eventful week, and the continued terrific pitching of Aaron Nola and the bullpen.

Also, the strike zone is about to shrink, but will it improve the pace of play? And how you can defeat the trolls out there who won't let you have fun watching the Phillies?

Plus, I'll have your Stat of the Week.

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