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When the fun stops: Cardinals 10, Phillies 3

What a hot mess that was.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

What went wrong?

Pretty much everything that could, including these 5 things:

Hellickson was...not good. Continuing his Jekyll and Hyde season, he ended up with 5.1 IP, 6 ER, 4 BB and 5 Ks. To me, he can get a bit of a pass because he has at least positively contributed to this team this year, however, Brett Oberholtzer (aka the human white flag) has done nothing but disappoint.

He is literally doing everything he can to try to wipe away the positivity of the Giles trade. After his 4 ER in 2.2 IP he now is sporting a 9.64 ERA, which hilariously is better than his 10.00 FIP. There has to be something better in Lehigh, even after only one start in AAA this year I'd throw Alec Asher in the long relief spot. He isn't going to stick at starter with all the depth we have there anyway.

Moving on, I'll try to make this short because I want to erase this game from my memory, just like I do when I see an old person eating soup. Gross.

Much like they have all friggin season, the Phillies decided to do all their scoring in one inning (a whopping 3 runs in the top of the third). Freddy Galvis hit a bases loaded single and Franco followed it up with a sac fly. After that the Cardinals would go on to score 10 unanswered runs, including a 3 run homer by pitcher Adam Wainwright. Some pretty frustrating shit has happened this season, but I think that Wainwright homer made me angrier than any other moment thus far. It went 408 feet, too. Fuck.

I feel like an ass getting this angry over one loss when they just won 9 of 10, but I fucking hate the Cardinals, especially their fan base, with the fiery passion of a million suns humping eachother.

But the good news is I am actually emoting about a Phillies loss again. I haven't done that much the past two seasons because I had to keep telling myself they were going to be losing a lot and I should temper my expectations. So as much as it sucks for me to allow myself to ruin my night over a baseball game, I'm actually kind of glad I'm capable again. Because, as unwise as it might be, I think this team can actually hang this year if the pitching can hold until some reinforcements come from the minors. Asking a lot, I know.

At least Nola is pitching tonight?