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Phillies odds to win the World Series double!

But they're still pretty long, guys.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

At the beginning of the season, Las Vegas was not too high on your Philadelphia Phillies, guys.

And hey, who could blame them? At the time, a 70-win season seemed to be as optimistic a goal as any rational person would utter. There were some who saw a 100-loss season on the horizon, and you couldn't really argue with the logic.

So when Bovada's sports book in Las Vegas put out their World Series odds at the beginning of the season, it wasn't surprising to see the Phillies at the bottom of the list, at 150-1.

Now, Vegas is whistling a different tune after the Phillies' 15-11 start.

That's right, the Phillies odds to win the World Series have DOUBLED after their surprising April. Of course, they're still pretty long, at 75-1, with 23 teams in front of them.

Baby steps to the Fall Classic, guys.

The Phils are tied with the Colorado Rockies at 75-1, with the Minnesota Twins (125-1), San Diego Padres (150-1), Cincinnati Reds (200-1), Milwaukee Brewers (200-1), and the Atlanta Braves (500-1) all behind them.

Oof, those Atlanta Braves.

The Phillies' odds of winning the NL pennant are at 33-1, tied with the Rockies for 10th-best in the 15-team National League. And they have the fourth-best odds to win the division, at 50-1.

The Braves are at 500-1 just to win the division. Avert your eyes, Barves fans.

So, get your money on those Phillies now before their odds double again!


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