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I bet Daniel Murphy smells like cheese: Nationals 4, Phillies 3

He probably eats babies, too. I have no evidence to back that up, but doesn't he seem like the kind of guy who would eat a baby? I think so.

Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

I had a recap all written in my mind. I was going to talk about my crush on the adorable, curly haired, smiling Freddy Galvis and his sassy little wink:

And how Maikel Franco hurt himself on an incredible grab at third base and Freddy was so sweet and tried to massage the kink out of Maik's shoulder. It was going to be all about Freddy and how great he is and how I adore him.

But the Phillies lost, so all that is out the window, and this tweet is meaningless.

There were some bright spots. Freddy Galvis hit a home run, just to remind us that he does more than pull off sparkling defensive plays.

And I'm going to give you the sassy Freddy Galvis wink again, because he originally did it after the home run above.

He is so cute. SO. CUTE. I just cannot stand it, I need Freddy smiling at me all the time. Never stop smiling, Freddy!

Jeremy Hellickson continued to be utterly fantastic.

Seven innings, three hits -- THREE! -- one run -- JUST ONE! -- and eight strikeouts. EIGHT! You enjoy your career resurgence, Jeremy. We're all enjoying it too.

And this fantastic throw from Tyler Goeddel.

You bet he does. The Phillies themselves weren't quite on the ball, sadly.


Worthy of note is Bryce Harper, who left the game in the bottom seventh inning after Hellickson nailed him in the knee in the top of the seventh. It probably did not feel good. He's day-to-day with a bruised knee.

The badness tonight was mostly Hector Neris, though the Phillies' offense only scoring three runs was also difficult. But Hector Neris was due for a little regression. He's been so, so good, and he was due for a game like this. It started out well enough.

But it didn't last. After the filthyness, Mackanin left him in there too long when he clearly didn't have it. Neris managed just two outs in the eighth inning, and in getting those he gave up three runs.

And then the Phillies had the nerve to tease us with back to back doubles off of Papelbon in the ninth.

They scored a run, but it wasn't enough.

I hate Daniel Murphy. He had to go to the Nationals and not to a team the Phillies DON'T play 19 times a year. I hate him, he's awful, GO AWAY.