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2016 Phillies Draft Preview: Endless stream of options past the First

I'm just previewing everyone.This one's a mix of College guys and the one guy with huge signing bonus rumors.

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Drew Mendoza - So, I'm starting with the guy with big contract demands. Mendoza has mid-to-late First Round talent, but he's asking for a bonus roughly in line with the 10th to 15th picks (not likely to go quite that high). That makes him the first bona fide overslot option to be rumored for this year's draft. There are some Padres rumors with this kid, so it's possible he doesn't quite make it to 2:1.

Mendoza is a 6'4" 200 lbs Shortstop from Minneola, FL with a commitment to Florida State. He is very likely to grow out of Shortstop, but has plenty of arm for Third Base. He projects well at the hot corner with his Left Handed bat. Mendoza made a name for himself when he crushed a pair of Homers in a heavily scouted game off of future Second Rounder Brady Singer (a guy with mid-90's heat). Mendoza then broke his wrist, sapping much of his power since. However he has shown good doubles power and plate patience since. I've seen lots of raves that the lack of power helped highlight other skills and some breathless comments comparing him to Corey Seager, as a guy who may be able to stay at Shortstop in the pros, where his power and contact ability would be pretty elite. If the power doesn't come back his doubles power and contact skills would still be perfectly fine at either Short or Third. Video from the Prospect Pipeline.

Bryan Reynolds - Reynolds is defensively kind of like Ben Francisco. Speed for Center and an arm that's probably playable in Left (in fairness Reynolds arm is better than Francisco's, but not by much). He's a 6'2" 210 lbs, switch hitter, from Vanderbilt with a good eye at the plate (though he is very susceptible low and inside). He doesn't have much power (fringe average, maybe, if everything comes together), so he's not the best Left Field profile, but he has the potential to provide unusual range for that corner. Reynolds is a bit polarizing, as some see potential for a plus hit tool, while others see, well, Steve Susdorf. Honestly, I lean a bit more Susdorf. I don't think Reynolds will ever even sniff fringe average power, so pitchers will challenge him in until he proves he can hit there. Reynolds saps all his power by finishing his setup before the pitch is released leaving little momentum behind his contact. To this point: in the wood bat cape cod league last year Reynolds sported a pretty anemic .049 ISO last summer. With contact issues down and in, MLB pitchers would have no need to ever throw him anything else. I'm not big on Reynolds and I see a 4th OF ceiling. However, if a team can fix the hole in his swing and adjust his timing to get even a little power he stands a chance at being a second division regular. Video from Prospect Junkies.

Zack Burdi - College reliever is an odd profile and probably not an option at 2:1, so consider this another 3:1 preview (unless one believes he can start, then 2:1 is possible, if a little risky). Burdi is a 6'3" 205 lbs RHP out of Louisville. First off, Burdi can absolutely bring it. he's hit triple digits out of the 'pen this year and reports have him working regularly 96-99. He also has a power Slider he throws 86-88 and a Changeup he very rarely uses out of the 'pen, but is reported to have plus potential. Personally, I have no interest in Starting him. He has Ken Giles potential as a reliever. Also, that Fastball is FAST, but also straight as a laser beam. I think it will work in the short period of a bullpen appearance, but I don't think it would fare well the second time through the rotation. I'd also rather just focus on developing that potentially nasty Slider to make him a lights out Closer. Burdi's delivery is max effort, and like the honey badger he don't give a %*#$ that someone's on base, he pitches out of the stretch every second he's on the mound. The high effort delivery is another reason to keep him in the bullpen. Burdi's got some pretty special skills, but not as rare as they once were, so I'd skip him at 2:1, personally, but it's a good pick in the Third (though I'd work to get him to quit tying himself into a pretzel in his delivery). Video from Prospect Junkies. Be prepared for one of the weirdest pre-pitch setups you'll ever see, my knee hurts just watching it.

Cavan Biggio - This one's easy, the Phillies already drafted him once, so obviously they liked him at one point. His time at Notre Dame has been a mixed bag, but the raw tools are here for a plus hitter, with good power and developing patience. Biggio is a 6'2" 185 lbs Second Baseman from Notre Dame whom the Phillies drafted in the 29th Round back in 2013 and failed to sign. Biggio's first 2 years at ND, he looked like a possible bust, but late in the 2015 season and through last summer in the Cape Cod league, Cavan started to put things together. His BB rate skyrocketed, his power exploded (though less power with the wood bats of the CCL) and he started using his speed on the basepaths. He furthered most of those gains this season (though his power has stepped back). Cavan's power will likely top out as fringe average to average. Probably in the 5-15 HR range. His swing is geared to line drives and with his average speed and great instincts he should get plenty of doubles with his approach. Biggio's arm and range are both fringe average, so he'll make plays he's supposed to, but he's unlikely to make many highlight reels. I'll include video below and note here that I hate Biggio's pre-swing setup. Sure, it worked for Gary Sheffield, but it's a comically ugly ass swing. I mean seriously, kind of annoying. Video, Prospect Junkies, of course.