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When an old unironic Facebook rant meets weird baseball twitter, pointless nonsense ensues. You're welcome.

We love you Freddy.
We love you Freddy.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Freddy Galvis hit a home run off the Nationals' Tanner Roark last night, his fifth on the season. As I often do when something delightful like this happens, I tweet it, in this case, an ironic misspelling of Galvis' name, inspired by a decidedly un-ironic Facebook comment from a couple years ago.

Minutes later, when Freddy entered the dugout, the CSN cameras caught him winking at the foliage atop a teammate's head.

I couldn't resist.

Neither could Chris.

Needless to say, we are children.

So immature.

Get these jerks off the internet.

No, stop.

Stop doing this.

Help please, somebody.

You're just plegheming our gibberish.

No, damnit.

*trash flies*

Why is this happening.

I hate myself.

What does Wagner have to do with baseball?

This is even worse. Draino?

lksdjflkjqwerttylknml kdfg 09\\';:sre32jjjjfchchkckhjlksssfdfdff20 0(((( flkj32

The draino was a mistake.

Leave Stephen A. Smith out of this.

An apt description of this nonsense.

Wait, that one actually makes sense. Chris?

Until next time.