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Everybody's talking about the Phillies. Felske Files Episode 47!

This week on The Felske Files, host John Stolnis talks to Sports Illustrated's Jay Jaffe about the Phillies' surprising start. We also check in with Greg Joyce, Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs beat writer with an update on the Phils' AAA affiliate.

The Phillies were dealt a dose of reality in St. Louis this week, losing three out of four to a superior team. The starters were mostly good, but the bullpen was up-and-down and the offense was abysmal.

Yet here they are, playing hard and winning more ballgames than they're losing. Will it last? Sports Illustrated's Jay Jaffe joins the show to discuss. Plus, with so many holes in the lineup, are there any potential reinforcements on the farm? Greg Joyce, beat writer for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, joins the show with an update on the progress some of the team's top prospects have made this year.

Also, Maikel Franco is struggling, Aaron Nola and Hector Neris are amazing, the Phillies are helping minor leaguers eat better, and is the southpaw dying in Major League Baseball?

Plus, our Stat of the Week.

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