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MLB Draft Day 2 Discussion Thread

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Day 2 kicks off at 1:00 PM. There are some good names left if the Phillies still have overslot money to spend. Even if they don's there are plenty of good College players left to grab at slot.

Here's a  look at some of the names still out there:

Drew Mendoza, SS - High bonus demands. It's possible only the Padres really have the pool left to grab him now.
Jared Horn, RHP
Austin Hayes, OF
Heath Quinn, OF
Jesus Luzardo, LHP
Jon Duplantier, RHP
Kyle Funkhouser, RHP
Matt Krook, RHP
Nick Banks, OF
Zac Gallen, RHP
Griffin Jax, RHP (Phillies drafted him previously. Some risk he can't get military deferrment, so the third round is the best place to try to get him, since you can still get a compensation pick next year if he can't be signed due to that.)

A recap of rules:

Each team receives a Bonus Pool from which to sign picks made in the first 10 rounds. The pools are based off of the slotting system for picks, so it's very dependent on which numbers of picks you have. The Phillies pool is $13,405,200. That gives the Phillies the second highest total in the league for total pool money (Reds have top money with $13,923,700). If you exceed that total on picks from rounds 1-10 you start getting penalized money and future draft picks. I won't bother with specifics, since it's detrimental enough no one has come close to doing it. After round 10, all picks from Round 11 on, need to be signed for $100k or less, however, if you have spent less than your bonus pool for the top 10 rounds, you can apply those savings to picks made in Round 11 or later. Any picks in the Top 10 rounds who don't sign, you lose their bonus money from your pool.