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MLB Draft Day 3 Discussion Thread

Consider this a therapy session for Baseball Anonymous. Because if you're here on a Saturday afternoon, you're pretty hardcore.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Today we get rounds 11 though 30. This is a great day to follow if you have season tickets to the GCL Phillies or Williamsport Crosscutters and want to see who will be there in a few weeks. There will also be some shots at overslots players. This part of the draft usually breaks down to College guys to fill W-port rosters from 11-25ish with a few High Schoolers occasionally mixed in the first few rounds of the day. Many picks in this range will be College Seniors who should play well in the NYPL and perhaps the Sally, but stand little chance of making a career as a player. You need these guys to field a competitive team and once in a while they pan out.

Rounds 26-29 might include a high profile overslot or two. For example some team is bound to take a flier on First Round talent Drew Mendoza to see if a few hundred K might change his mind about FSU. At best he accepts, but far more likely he goes on to school, it really costs you nothing and you get to perhaps develop a relationship with the kid for when he becomes draft eligible again. You draft them in these rounds to try to beat other teams who all go High School overslot heavy in rounds 30-40.

Rounds 30-40 is almost entirely overslot shots in the dark and occasional nepotism. Nothing to really worry about there, most teams only sign around 30 players so gambling on a dozen late picks and throwing a bone to the coaches nephew is perfectly safe. Once in a blue moon you even get a Hall of Famer that way.