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2016 Phillies Draft Rounds 11-15

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Round 11
Josh Stephen, OF
Mater Dei High School
Bats: Left
6'1" 185 lbs
Josh possess a solid hit tool that could eventually max out as Plus. Smooth swing and a frame to carry more muscle so power may come. One note on his swing is that it's almost too quiet and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Phillies (if he signs) add a stride to his swing so he can carry some momentum and improve his power. His arm will allow him to play Right Field, but it won't be a weapon. Had been discussed as a possible Second Rounder before the season, but perhaps a commitment to USC scared teams off. In theory if he, Moniak and Randolph all were to hit their ceilings you'd have an Outfield full of .300 hitters.

Usually I add a video, but this link to a Baseball America Profile is even better.

Round 12
Justin Miller, RHP
Central Union High School
6'4" 183 lbs
I don't know much about Miller (read: nothing, I know nothing about him). There are also a lot of pro players already named Justin Miller. So all you get are these few sentences on this kid from Fresno.

Round 13
Andrew Brown, RHP
Granite Hills High School
6'1" 180 lbs
I'll admit to not knowing a lot about Brown either, but the Prospect Pipeline does note a 91 mph fastball with life and an effective Changeup. Between the height and the stuff he feels like a future reliever to me. You'd have to project some mph on to that fastball and hope that either his Curve gets less slurvy or his Change steps forward. Video from The Prospect Pipeline

Round 14
Darick Hall, 1B
Dallas Baptist University
Bats: Left
6'4" 225lbs
No word yet on when the Phillies will draft Jonah Oates. I would say that someone needs to play First in Williamsport, but Hall brings a bit more than just that ceiling. Heading into this season University of New Mexico was a Top 25 team, then they ran into the buzzsaw that was Darick Hall who went 5 for 5 with 2 homers and Pitched 5 innings to pick up the win in a ... wait for it ... 33-8 win. Here's a video live from Darick's house courtesy of his school:

Round 15
Alex Wojciechowski, 1B
University of Minnesota, Duluth
Bats: Right
6'5" 230 lbs
Sorry Jay, I'm sure you aren't looking forward to typing that name 5 times a week. Woj is not your typical College Senior draftee. For one thing he hit 33 Home Runs this year, which is pretty absurd. What hurts is that he did it in Division II. Even as a Senior sign, getting drafted in Round 15 out of DII is pretty serious that you've got some ceiling. His bat speed looks okay, but I'm not sure how his power will translate to wood bats. At worst, he seems like a good underdog to root for. At best, he may have some Darin Ruf like seasons as he moves through some of the more power friendly parks in the system (mostly upper levels).