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Well Velasquez Was Good in AA: Twins 6, Phillies 5

It is bad bad times in Phillies land, or Minnesota, wherever this team actually is right now

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The starter tonight went 5 innings, they allowed a run, their command was not sharp, but they hit 98 and looked healthy. Over the course of the game they started working in all of the pitches Crap, wrong game, Vincent Velasquez did look great tonight for Reading and he could help the Phillies in the majors soon. But back on track, the starter threw 6.2 scoreless innings, a career high for the 19 year old...nope still the wrong game, Adonis Medina is in Williamsport, not Philly. Just for good measure, Ben Lively had 7 very solid innings and Clearwater destroyed Lakeland well before the rain subsided and the Phillies got beat.

In all honesty, it was much more fun to watch the Reading game tonight. Vincent Velasquez did not look sharp, but he has not looked particularly sharp all year (insert joke about the Padres being a AAA offense but being better than the Phillies). He made some spectacular pitches and I think Jorge Alfaro called a great game. I am not ready to speculate when he will be back in the majors or who is the casualty, but Velasquez should be back soon, because he looks healthy and the velocity is all back after the injury scare.

Back to the game that none of you care about. Adam Morgan looked like Adam Morgan, he made some good pitches, but he got hit around, and the defense did not bail him out (looking at you Peter Bourjos). If Adam Morgan is your #5 starter during a stretch of games, your probably fine. The problem is the rest of the Phillies team was not particularly good in bailing out their #6 (maybe #7 at this point) starter. The offense managed 5 runs off of former Phillies draft pick Kyle Gibson and then got shut out by a not particularly good Minnesota bullpen.

Andres Blanco and Cameron Rupp hit home runs tonight, neither really mattered, because the Phillies are bad. You would think a DH would help, but 4 more PAs of Ryan Howard is now going to help anyone. Especially if Tommy Joseph continues to play like a AAAA player who also missed 3 years of ABs.

Also this happened in the minors,

On a positive note; did I mention that Vincent Velasquez looked good and was back to his old velocity. Otherwise the farm is fine, the Phillies signed their remaining top picks today (reportedly 1-14 though 5th rd and 13th rd are unconfirmed), and no one we cared about got shelled. Did I mention Crawford went 2-4 with a walk and a stolen base because that happened (I swear I am not grasping for positive news).

Everyone just feel better and watch this: