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Worried about Nick Williams. Felske Files Phils podcast episode 55

One of the Phillies' top prospects, Nick Williams, was disciplined once again for behavioral issues, causing concern among Phils fans. Host John Stolnis speaks to Iron Pigs beat writer Tom Housenick and CSN Philly's Marshall Harris about the Williams situation. Also, the Phils' offense comes alive! MLB Radio Network's Mike Ferrin joins the show to give his take on the state of the Phillies after a three-game sweep of the Diamondbacks in Arizona.

The Phillies are kind of counting on Nick Williams. The youngster, acquired in the Cole Hamels deal last year, has a ton of talent and appears ticketed for a spot in the Phils’ corner outfield at some point very soon. But repeated disciplinary problems and benchings are clouding his future a bit.

On this week’s episode of The Felske Files, we delve into the Williams situation in depth with Iron Pigs beat writer Tom Housenick, who gives us the inside scoop on the relationship between Williams and his manager, Dave Brundage, how Williams’ teammates feel about him, and whether or not the repeated benchings are deserved.

Also, Marshall Harris from Comcast SportsNet joins the show to talk about his interview with Williams and Brundage, and whether or not Williams’ reputation is being damaged by all the controversy.

In addition, the Phillies offense explodes on a nine-game road trip, culminating in a three-game sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks. D-Backs pre and post-game radio host and MLB Radio Network’s Mike Ferrin gives his take on the Phillies as well.

Plus, Mark Appel, acquired in the Ken Giles deal, is out for the year after elbow surgery, Lenny Dykstra admits to taking steroids, another Phils’ prospect suffers an awful injury and their number-one draft pick from this year takes the field.

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