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Game Thread: Phillies vs Brewers 6/4/16

Come for the excellent pitching, stay for the outside chance the Phillies score 5+ runs on back to back days. Rarity is value.

Me. Always.
Me. Always.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


Phillies (26-28) vs Brewers (25-29)

Citizens Bank Park

3:05PM EDT on CSN

The Phillies scored a week's worth of runs in two innings last night while setting a season record for runs scored against a starting pitcher. That's an excellent accomplishment. And it should go without saying (ahem, PHILLIES) that a repeat performance is welcome. With Hellickson on the mound the Phillies could easily win this game while scoring just 3 runs, but exciting finishes are a dime-a-dozen. Let's live undangerously.