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Worried About Velasquez/MLB Draft Latest - Felske Files Episode 52

On this episode of The Felske Files, we continue to preview the MLB Draft with MLB Network's Greg Amsinger, who is hosting their coverage of the Draft. Also, official Phillies historian Larry Shenk joins the show to talk about his new book. Also, worries over Vince Velasquez' injury, and who is the Phillies' All-Star for 2016?

It's one thing for the Phillies to lose a bunch of baseball games. We all expected that to happen. A pile of losses will not make the 2016 season a "bad" season.

Losing a promising young player to injury would.

The Phils have already lost Aaron Altherr for much of the season, and now there are worries the same fate could befall Vince Velasquez, who left his start on Wednesday against the Cubs after just two pitches. Is he going to be out for a long time? Who will replace him if he is?

Also, the MLB Draft is almost here, and the host of MLB Network's coverage of the event, Greg Amsinger, joins me to give his take on what the Phillies will do. Plus, longtime Phillies historian Larry Shenk stops by to talk about his new book, "The Fightin' Phillies."

Plus, who is the Phillies All Star this year? And our Stat of the Week.

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