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MLB Draft Preview with Greg Amsinger

The MLB Network's Greg Amsinger breaks down what the Phillies might do with their first overall pick.

Who will the Phillies take with the first pick in this year's MLB Draft? With no clear No. 1 guy at the top of the heap, the list of possibilities is long an interesting.

Do they go with A.J. Puk, the best college pitcher available? Should they take a high school arm, like Jason Groome or Riley Pint? What about a college bat like Corey Ray or Kyle Lewis? Maybe a high school position player like Mickey Moniak would be a better fit?

On Thursday night beginning at 6pm ET, the MLB Network will broadcast the 2016 MLB Draft, a six-hour show designed to bring you all the information you would need to know about who's who in amateur baseball.

Greg Amsinger, hosting the MLB Network's live coverage of the Draft for the 8th year in a row, says the uncertainty at the top of this year's draft is unlike any other he has covered.

"That's exciting. Going into Stephen Strasburg's draft, everyone knew he'd be the number one guy... but when you go into a draft where there is so much uncertainty, to me, that's exciting.

The number one pick is something that everybody cares about. It kick-starts the big event. all the other teams start to scramble how their board has changed, will there be a surprise?"

Amsinger said for the Phils, it appears as though they're deciding between three players.

"It's Mickey Moniak, high schooler from California, outfielder, A.J. Puk, Florida left-hander and Kyle Lewis, the Mercer University outfielder. Are they Dansby Swanson? I'd say no. Dansby Swanson was the best college player going into last year's draft. But all three of these guys have huge upsides."

If you're someone who doesn't like risk, Amsinger says Moniak is your guy.

"Mickey Moniak is as safe as they come. You're gonna get a guy, worst case scenario, is .270, with 12-15 homers playing center field for the next 10-12 years for your organization. That's pretty good."

Puk has been the name most mock drafts have the Phillies taking, and Amsinger said not to get overly worried about lackluster statistics or a few bad starts here and there.

"You draft the stuff. Let the big league pitching coach tinker with the stuff. You gotta start with the stuff."

But Amsinger said not to expect Puk to be a finished product, ready for the Major Leagues next year.

"I would look at A.J. Puk, even though he's a college arm, and go, 'I'm drafting a high school lefty.' Be as patient with Puk as you would be with a high school lefty. If you like the size and you like the velocity, then think to yourself, 'if this was a high school left-hander, would I take him No. 1?' I would."

"If you're willing to be patient you could have a star on your hands when he's 26, 27, 28."

Amsinger also said it's ridiculous that neither of the top high school prospects, Groome or Pint, are being considered by the Phillies, especially Pint.

"Why is Riley Pint being punished because no high school right-hander has ever been drafted No. 1 overall? If I was a GM, Riley Pint, watching this kid compete and his mechanics... I think Riley Pint could ahve the type of impact on whatever franchise drafts him as Jose Fernandez has had on the Marlins.

"That's what type of super talent we're talking about. And if we knew Jose Fernandez was Jose Fernandez, and you could go back to that draft night, I'd bet Jose Fernandez would be the number one overall player taken."

"If I had the number one pick, I would take this kid. He's as can't-miss of a high school right-hander as you're going to find."

Amsinger also noted that taking a player that gives them a lot of extra slot money is important, but should not be the end-all, be-all.

"If you're looking for a pitcher quick, to go along with Aaron Nola, then maybe you give Puk a little more consideration, and you're not just going for the best money deal for the three."

MLB Network's coverage of the First Year Player Draft begins at 6pm ET on Thursday, and you can hear my interview with Greg Amsinger in this week's edition of The Felske Files below (starts at the 12:00 minute mark).

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