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Felske Files # 57 - Phillies mailbag spectacular!

It's a very special edition of The Felske Files this week. In Episode 57, we do nothing but answer your mailbag questions. Joining me this week to help out are The Good Phight's Liz Roscher and Justin Klugh. We discuss Cameron Rupp, the future of the Phils' outfield, 2018 free agents and which Phillies players secretly want to be dinosaurs.

First, I’ll be frank. The audio quality of this week’s podcast is not the best. There were some technical difficulties with this week’s episode that renders the audio of the two terrific guests, TGP’s own Justin Klugh and editor-in-chief Liz Roscher, less than ideal.

Hopefully, the content will outweigh any annoyance, because the content is awesome. This week, we did a special all-mailbag edition of the podcast, with Liz and Justin helping me answer questions from you, are magnificent readers and podcast listeners.

  • Among the items discussed:
  • Cameron Rupp’s future and trade value
  • The amazing free agent class of 2018
  • When the Phillies should reasonably be expected to compete again
  • The futures of the top prospects in the organization
  • Which Phils players are most likely to wish they were dinosaurs (yes, this was a real question)

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