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‘Everything will be fine,’ reports Maikel Franco on wrist

The future star’s wrist injury really ruined Friday night.

Philadelphia Phillies v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

You may have seen images of Maikel Franco from last night, down on the ground after getting hit by a pitch. This may have alarmed you. You may have canceled your Friday night plans, grabbed your go bag you keep on-hand for this situation exactly, ignored your family’s eye-rolling and calls of “Christ, not this again,” and headed into the wilderness to live forever, subsisting on a diet of twigs and poison berries because what is even the point anymore.

Obviously, that’s an overstatement. You didn’t have any Friday night plans. But Franco being in obvious pain after being hit by a pitch on the same wrist to which he sustained an injury last year was upsetting for people whether they were out “going Pokemon” or not (or whatever the kids are doing these days).

Fortunately, Franco was not as freaked out as you were after the game, per CSN Philly.

"I was scared at first because it was sore and was getting puffy," Franco said after the Phillies' 4-0 win. "I felt better [after getting treatment], though. I think everything will be fine."

Yes, Franco’s still-functioning 23-year-old body was able withstand the damage, thank goodness, which is more than anyone can say for your poison berry-riddled husk. He got some x-rays after the game and all of the bones were in the right place, and everyone went back to focusing on Zach Eflin out-pitching Gerrit Cole.

Franco had left the game not long after getting hit, and will probably not play today. After losing him for 45 games last year following a HBP near the same spot, it makes sense to tread lightly. Can you believe, even with his struggling this year, Franco still leads the team in home runs with 18? It won’t be long before Tommy Joseph catches and passes him, I’m sure, but still.

So tear down that pathetically assembled lean-to, survivor man, you’re going home. Try sneaking in through a window while your family is sleeping and then acting like nothing happened.