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Phillies prepare for second Jeremy Hellickson audition with Marlins

There will also be two other games played.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies: Well, they certainly appeared to be in good shape to win yesterday's rubber match against the Pirates, but then Adam Frazier's two-run jack ended that fantasy, so the Phillies got to watch the opposing team celebrate a comeback win. At this point, they must know how to celebrate comeback wins, having watches so many teams experience them, they just need the chance to execute a celebration of their own. Experts will tell you; that's the hard part.

The Marlins: Miami is battling with the Mets for control of a Wild Card spot, and everyone agrees that they are probably one mid-to-low range starter away from pulling ahead. If only there were some sort of starting pitcher on a one-year deal who is performing well of late that could really fit nicely into their plans. Ah, well.

Heavy Hitters

Christian Yelich: Some people feel like if Yelich added power to his repertoire at the plate, he'd be an unstoppable monster. Since the All-Star break, he leads the Marlins in SLG at .742.

Miguel Rojas: This guy is like the Marlins' version of Andres Blanco, only without the recent finger injury.

Martin Prado: The 32-year-old Phillie-killer reached base four times on Sunday, as if to say, "I am ready for you, Phillies; I am ready to resurrect you in order to kill you again."

Carlos Ruiz: Go Chooch! Do the stuff! Hit the ball and be the guy! You rule, Chooch. You rule.

Odubel Herrera: 'Dubes has nine hits - two doubles, a triple, and a solo shot - in the last week. He's also walked twice and stolen two bases. That's the kind of production that can make you forget that until recently he thought he had the ability to fly.

Ryan Howard: What did Howard do the last time he faced Miami? Oh, only tied Chipper Jones for the most home runs vs. the Marlins all-time with 40.

Probably Pitchers

Jeremy Hellickson vs. Jarred Cosart, 7:10 p.m.

Everyone knows what this game could mean for Hellickson and the Phillies. But is anyone talking about Jarred Cosart's feelings?

Former Phillies farmhand Cosart is headed back to a big league pitcher's mound after time in the minors and on the disabled list. The Marlins are plucking Wei-Yin Chen out of the way to make room for the 26-year-old, and have classified Chen with an "undisclosed issue," which given the state of baseball these days might mean he chopped up everyone's uniforms. Prior to his demotion, Cosart had an ERA pushing 8.00 for the Marlins, and after two starts with Triple-A New Orleans, he logged six earned runs over 11 2/3 innings, with five walks and four strikeouts.

Jerad Eickhoff vs. Tom Koehler, 7:10 p.m.

Well, Koehler wasn't supposed to be very good, but in his last start, he of course torched the Phillies; he went eight innings, threw 110 pitches, dropped his ERA more than twenty points, and only allowed two hits (though both were home runs). So he's probably bursting with confidence already, and getting to face the lineup he so recently dominated is likely only adding to that.

Likewise, Eickhoff's last start came against the team he'll pitch against this week. Probably that's the case for a couple of guys listed here. Baseball scheduling is so crazy! Anyways, Eickhoff did not have Koehler's luck, and lasted only five inningsgiving up five earned runs on nine hits - but no walks!

Zach Eflin vs. Adam Conley, 12:10 p.m.

Eflin made a name for himself by presumably hitting Andrew McCutchen with a pitch on purpose, a retaliatory move for the Pirates hitting Maikel Franco with a pitch. The 22-year-old has only looked better in each start, having made - good lord, where is the summer going - eight of them already. He has thrown two complete games in his last four starts, allowing six runs and only four walks in 30 IP in that span. In both complete games, he has allowed no walks. If there's a start to watch in this series, put your eyeballs on Eflin.

Conley held the Mets to two runs in his last start, a 5-3 win. The issue for him, as with like, a ton of Adam Conley-types, is consistency. But hopefully the pressure will be off him when the Marlins acquire their new ace, Jeremy Hellickson.

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