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Matt Klentak tantalizes fans with hint of single prospect promotion

One entire prospect, eh?

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies didn’t make a trade at eight this morning. Then they didn’t make one at ten, or around lunch, or three, with only an hour left before the trade deadline. The deafening sound of a ticking clock didn’t seem to haunt them into making a deal for no reason, which went against the advice of just about everyone.

Jeremy Hellickson is still a Phillie. Vince Velasquez is still a Phillie. Andres Blanco, Peter Bourjos, and Cody Asche are all still Phillies, not that they had much of a chance of escaping red pinstripes with all the declining/injuring themselves they’ve been doing of late. Nothing happened. The Phillies were involved in no headlines. And that’s... that’s okay.

It would have been nice to see Matt Klentak burn somebody with Hellickson, just really really barbecue some clueless GM who had a gun to his head to acquire some starting pitching. We all had fun imagining Joey Gallo and/or Jurickson Profar pushing the rebuild forward a few months. But in the end, the Phillies trade deadline drama culminated in a single post-deadline quote.

Oooooh, Matthew! Quite a “TO BE CONTINUED...” to drop on us after the final credit scroll! What a reason to keep watching! I’m so... intrigued.

Not intrigued at the notion of a prospect being promoted. The Phillies have many prospects, many of whom will be promoted. The question is why promote just the one.

Maybe he misspoke, maybe he didn’t want to give too much away. It reads like a pretty passing comment, not an official statement. It seems a little wonky to think the Phillies would just bring up J.P. Crawford and call it a year with Nick Williams and Jake Thompson and lord knows who else down there, waiting for a shot. And it is, on a completely surface level, immensely unsatisfying to watch all these other trade happens while the Phillies don’t get to use their big chip, and then hear that the GM “suspects” that one prospect will show up later.

But all of this is also fine. I think, regardless of what Klentak said, there will be more than one promotion. And Hellickson’s future with the Phillies can still result in success, even if it did seem like front offices were willing to fork over their own limbs in exchange for mediocre starting pitching this July.