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Schadenfreude Singularity: Papelbon released by the Nationals

There are too many ways to enjoy this. I can't make up my mind.

Neener, neener, ha ha!
Neener, neener, ha ha!
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It has come to this at last: Jonathan Papelbon has been released by the Washington Nationals. After choking Bryce Harper and not being effective, among other highlights, the Nationals decided to cut ties with the Ric Flair loving, sleeveless shirt wearing, crotch-grabbing doofus we all loved to hate in Philadelphia. Until he started playing for the Nationals and coughing up leads to the Phillies. Then we loved him.

I have little to say about Papelbon. It was kind of nice for him to be a Nat with all his Nattitudiness. And...I have a kid who bought a Papelbon jersey. Not a shirsey. A jersey. (I tried, I tried! It was his money, at least.)  *sigh*

On the bright side of all of this, the Phillies still have Nick Pivetta, who was just promoted to AAA a few days ago, and Jeanmar Gomez just saved his 30th game tonight.

In any case, I come not to bury Papelbon, but to praise him. I invite you to share your favorite Papelboners in the comments below.