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Utley’s return and no more Nola - Felske Files Episode 63

On this week’s podcast, we talk about the return of Chase Utley, how to be, or not be, a true “phan,” and Aaron Nola’s season is officially over.

It’s so nice when the more enlightened among us tell us dopes how to be "true phans."

On this week’s episode, host John Stolnis talks about the incredible return of Chase Utley with Phils beat writer Matt Breen, and the Good Phight Roundtable makes its return, as Liz Roscher and Justin Klugh also discuss everything surrounding the return of "The Man" to Philadelphia.

Also on the show this week:

  • Should Phillies fans have cheered Utley’s two homers now that he’s "the enemy?"
  • How much do you just love it when someone else tells you how to be a fan?
  • Why did Chase Utley’s return seem more celebrated than Jimmy Rollins’ last year?
  • Will the Phillies retire Utley’s number? Should they?
  • Aaron Nola placed on the 60-day DL
  • How worried are you about Nola moving forward?
  • Stat of the Week

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