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UPDATE: Phillies fan gets ejected by umpire Bob Davidson, sorta

A Phillies fan heckling the umpiring crew was singled out by home plate umpire Bob Davidson Tuesday night.

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Well this isn’t something you see everyday.

Philadelphia fans have long been known for being, how to put this... vocal. Most of the time, it manifests itself in a number of four-letter words, phrases and oftentimes gestures.

In the 6th inning of the series opener between the Phillies and Giants Tuesday night, a fan was ejected from the game by home plate umpire Bob Davidson.

So what exactly happened here? Leave it to the Phillies beat writers to be on top of things.

If this was a case of Davidson looking to confront a fan simply because the fan was heckling him, then Davidson gets all the ridicule that's coming his way. But without knowing all the facts, it's hard to judge his actions.

But this apparently isn’t the first time Davidson has kicked non-players/managers/coaches out of a baseball game.

And it is true.

During the game, the Phillies actually issued a clarification.

The Davidson situation garnered a reaction on Twitter, obviously.

We’re still waiting to hear Davidson’s explanation or what the fan was actually yelling.

But is that the job of the umpire? Or is it the job of stadium security and the Phillies?

Regardless, the Philadelphia Phillies scoring seven runs off Madison Bumgarner was NOT the weirdest thing to happen at Citizens Bank Park Tuesday night.


After the game, Davidson talked about what the fan said to get him kicked out.

So Davidson kicked the fan out for saying something about 69th street and him sucking. Clearly, it sounds like a sexual innuendo of some kind, but much worse has been said at sporting events in the past. That Davidson took it upon himself to do the job of stadium security or the Phillies is unusual, although I'm sure fans in this guy's section were happy he was booted from the premises.