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Now is the time for the Phillies to bring back Jimmy Rollins

On June 10, Jimmy Rollins was DFA'd by the Chicago White Sox. Now is the perfect time to re-sign him, so he can retire in red pinstripes.

That smile!
That smile!
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Back on June 10, lost in the depths of the American League transaction list, somewhere between the earth-shattering news of the Baltimore Orioles transferring an injured player from the 15-day disabled list to the 60-day list and the Cleveland Indians promoting a relief pitcher from the Lake County Captains to the Lynchburg Hillcats, was this tiny nugget about the Chicago White Sox:


After posting a .224/.285/.358 line for the Dodgers last year, Rollins was doing even worse in his first two months with the White Sox.  His average and on-base percentage were virtually the same, but with diminished power - .221/.294/.329.  His ISO dropped from .133 last year to .107 this year.  His OPS+ was 73 and wOBA+ 68.

These are not good numbers.  Add to it that by almost every measure, his fielding had declined and his base running was no longer a positive, and it's not hard to blame the White Sox for calling it quits on the 2016 Rollins experiment.  Since then, the White Sox have been playing their 2013 first round draft pick, Tim Anderson, who has only been slightly better, hitting .264/.275/.398. But, of course, he has a future, whereas Rollins didn't.

Since Rollins was designated for assignment by the White Sox, there's been absolutely nothing happening for his baseball career.  He did not accept a minor league position with the team, and no other team has come calling, even though several teams have had big holes to fill at short stop over the past two months.

What has Rollins been doing?  The only evidence of his activity is an appearance on Fox Sports 1, that you really have to watch:

Otherwise, nothing.  Which seems to clearly indicate that Jimmy Rollins' days as a professional baseball player are done.

Except . . . the Phillies should sign him this month and let him retire as a Phillie.  And not only retire as a Phillie by signing him to the usual one-day contract and letting him wave good-bye to the fans at the start of a game.  No, for Rollins and the Phillies this year, with the season in the dumps, I see no reason why the team shouldn't sign Rollins to a one-day contract AND let him play his last game in red pinstripes.

Do this in late August, before the team brings up J.P. Crawford to play shortstop in September.  Give Freddy Galvis a breather for a night.  Get some extra fans in the seat in the middle of the August doldrums and let Jimmy play shortstop for one last game at Citizens Bank Park.

There's no downside here - the lineup won't be terribly worse, no one's development will be blocked, no big game risked by his appearance.  Only upside in saying goodbye to the greatest short stop the franchise has ever seen, the leader of its most recent glory days, and one of the all-around great guys in Philly sports history.  One last day for the fans to say good bye and thank you.

Do it Phillies - sign Jimmy Rollins to one last game as a Phillie.  Your fans deserve it.  And so does Jimmy.

UPDATE: TGP Twitter follower Rich Finkenbiner has a great idea in response to this article:

The Phillies play the Dodgers at CBP August 16, 17, and 18.  The 18th is already a promo night, as it's the Chase Rice Postgame Concert.  So the 17th sounds like a great date for the Rollins return night.  Only downside is I'm out of town that week so I won't be able to make it.

Regardless, make this happen Phillies.