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Phillies put Zach Eflin on 15-day disabled list

Time to call up Jake Thom—oh, right.

Philadelphia Phillies v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Zach Eflin has not looked great in his last few starts, and as John Stolnis explained, this is due largely to his inability to put the baseball in a place where somebody like Corey Seager or Chase Utley can’t find it.

This has been occurring for his last 257 pitches, many of which lacked the command to fool anyone and resulted in only 13 innings of work and a 13.85 ERA. Today, the Phillies shifted the 22-year-old out of the rotation, which he joined on June 14, and onto the 15-day disabled list with patellar tendinopathy in his knees.

Also known as “Jumper’s Knee,” this multi-syllabic health issue is the result of overuse, as so many injuries are in August. The tendons in question are just below the knee cap and factor greatly in the movement of the quadriceps. The condition is closely associated to jumpers because no repeated physical act puts more pressure on the region than the thing that jumpers do*. Eflin told reporters he’s dealt with this before. Perhaps there is an unshakable jumping addiction in Eflin’s past? We have no way of knowing.

Even as we speak, researchers at the University of Calgary, with the backing of the NBA, are scrambling to learn more about this extremely common condition among athletes from the pros down to your rec league kickball team. Even you may be at risk. Curse your natural athleticism, putting you in danger like this!

With another tragedy bouncing a young arm from the staff, some warm body is going to have to walk into that locker room and make a start at some point. Maybe this is when we see a bullpen game (ugh), or somebody like Phil Klein packs an overnight bag again. David Buchanan is also around. Then again, maybe it’s promotion time for someone else.

Well, Jake Thompson is already up here in place of Aaron Nola, which leaves somebody like familiar face and owner of a 2016 MLB ERA of 6.65, Adam Morgan.


Morgan has a 3.04 ERA, 9.3 SO/9 and 5.2 SO/W for the IronPigs through seven starts this season. In the week that earned International League POTW honors, he threw 17 SO in 14.2 IP, logging a two-game ERA of 1.23.

*Jumping; c’mon, man.