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Phillies call up Shlabotnik and others for September looks

Phillies prospect Joe Shlabotnik will be making his long-awaited Phillies debut Friday against the Braves. Other less-promising players have been called up as well.

Dude! Where's my Shlabotnik?
Dude! Where's my Shlabotnik?
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies today called up prospect Joe Shlabotnik from their Waffletown Syrups affiliate in the Green Grass League. Here's Shlabotnik's page at Baseball Reference.  From his outfield position, Shlabotnik once threw out a runner who had fallen between first and second. His slash line for the year is .004/.004/.004, so he should boost an anemic Phillies offense.

Shlabotnik is supposed to make his first start in the bigs on Friday against the Atlanta Braves at which point Pete MacKanin will have Tyler Goeddel dumped into the Delaware River tied to some concrete blocks.

Remaining in the minors during September will be players such as Roman Quinn, Nick Williams, and JP Crawford. Crawford is apparently still trying to develop his skill at using "periods" after his initials.

Players called up with Shlabotnik include Darif Ruf, Patrick Schuster, and Colton Murray. They all play baseball professionally in the Phillies organization.