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Want the best cheesesteak in Pennsylvania? It's in Pittsburgh.

USA Today trolled all of southeastern Pennsylvania with their "Best Cheesesteak in PA" story that I just saw today. They decided that Pittsburgh's The Groove Cheesesteak Co. (nee "Southside Steaks") has the best cheesesteak in Pennsylvania.

This was about the only image in the archives of a cheesesteak.
This was about the only image in the archives of a cheesesteak.
William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

I'm just the messenger. Don't "Sparta" me for this. I was innocently checking the website for Penn State/Pitt coverage this evening, and what did I find but a surfeit of "Cheesesteak News" including how to make a great cheesesteak. Given my recent coverage of the critical cheesesteak issue, this caught my attention. Upon finishing it, I found another slideshow.

The second one purported to be a "Best Cheesesteak in PA" slideshow based on a USA Today story that appeared back in May of this year. I nearly fell off my chair at number 1: The Groove Cheesesteak Co. in Pittsburgh.  The City of Champions, indeed. Pittsburgh evidently gets to add another title to it's long list of them. If you buy the validity of this evaluation.

The judges did include people who lived in Philadelphia. Or maybe used to. They probably will want to reconsider their bona fides after this.

To reiterate: I AM JUST THE MESSENGER. There is space below in which you may offer observations on the qualitative aspects of this reporting by USA Today.