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Game Thread: Pirates at Phillies, 9/12/2016

Perhaps the Phillies will win. Perhaps pigs will fly over the stadium.

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

It’s me, your trusty Supreme Blog Lord, filling in for our Game Thread Master, Chris! I know, you didn’t miss me at all. But here I am, doing a late-season game thread about the Pirates and Phillies.

So let’s go!

I have so little to say about these teams. [sad fail horn] Well, that’s not entirely true. The Pirates are desperately trying to hang on to a non-catastropic deficit in the Wild Card, and lately they’ve been failing. The Phillies have been trying to end the season with some semblance of dignity, and they’ve also been failing miserably. Failure all around!

Let’s see who’s playing today.

Today's Lineups

Adam Frazier - LF Cesar Hernandez - 2B
Josh Bell - 1B Roman Quinn - RF
Andrew McCutchen - CF Maikel Franco - 3B
Gregory Polanco - RF Ryan Howard - 1B
Jung Ho Kang - 3B Cameron Rupp - C
Francisco Cervelli - C Freddy Galvis - SS
Sean Rodriguez - 2B Odubel Herrera - CF
Jordy Mercer - SS Cody Asche - LF
Gerrit Cole - RHP Jeremy Hellickson - RHP

Oh good, Cody Asche’s back! Let’s all celebrate! [sound of whooshing wind over giant, empty black hole] Good, I see that everyone’s just as thrilled as I am. But Jeremy Hellickson, one of the last men standing in the Phillies rotation, starts again tonight, and how grateful are you for him? I’m pretty grateful. Thank you, Jeremy, for being here with us as we try to end the season. Please don’t get hurt.

Just a few more weeks left, folks. Discuss the game in the comments below.