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Phillies need "A Dude." Felske Files Episode 68!

In Episode 68 of The Felske Files, host John Stolnis wonders how aggressive the Phillies should this off-season. Can they contend for a wild card in 2017 if they make the right moves? Yahoo! Sports national baseball writer Jeff Passan and Crashburn Alley's Editor-in-Chief Spencer Bingol stop by to talk about that and much more.

The Phillies have a solid young pitching staff but a number of question marks on offense and in the bullpen. But given the state of the National League, is it possible they can be a wild card team next season?

That's the main question surrounding Episode 68. Yahoo! Sports national baseball writer and author of "The Arm," Jeff Passan, joins to give us his thoughts on the Phillies this year and where he thinks the team is headed. Passan also talked about some of the hottest stories in MLB over the last week, including:

  • The state of the current wild card races in each league
  • The Phils desperately need "a guy" in order to take the next step
  • Online and computer espionage is going to be a major issue in baseball going forward
  • The great Madison Bumgarner/Yasiel Puig tete-a-tete.
  • The downfall of the San Francisco Giants
  • This has been an incredibly boring regular season

Also, the new editor-in-chief of the outstanding Phillies blog Crashburn Alley, Spencer Bingol, joins us, to talk about the Phils' off-season plans and:

  • Is now the right time to trade Odubel Herrera?
  • Jeanmar Gomez has finally returned to reality
  • My favorite Vin Scully moments (with audio!)
  • And all those Phillies strikeouts

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