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TBS Adds Jimmy Rollins For Postseason, Shores Up Infield Depth

Phillies legend gets a big audition for a post-playing broadcasting career

Coming to you LIVE, from wherever the Phillies aren't, in October!
Coming to you LIVE, from wherever the Phillies aren't, in October!
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Deciding it needed a gap-tooth complement to the Michael Strahan/ABC empire, Turner Broadcasting announced today that your friend and mine, Jimmy Rollins, will be joining its studio analysis crew for TBS's postseason coverage this fall.

Rollins, who you may have seen in a game or two with the Phillies, played what might have been his final Major League game back on June 5 with the White Sox. He ranks in the upper echelon of nearly every single franchise leaderboard, from games played (2nd) to WAR (7th) to plate appearances (2nd) to runs scored (3rd) and hits (1st) and on and on and on. Most notably, as you also may recall, he was the 2007 NL MVP and 2008 World Series champion.

As Rollins said via press release:

"I am thrilled to be joining the Turner family," said Rollins.  "This is a fantastic crew that includes a Hall of Famer, one of the greatest all around hitters of my era and an excellent host.  I am looking forward to learning from their experience and contributing the knowledge that I've gained over 17 years in a big league uniform."

Pedro Martinez, Gary Sheffield and Casey Stern are the Hall of Famer, hitter and host that Rollins refers to above.

It's long been assumed that Rollins would make a charismatic addition to a broadcast booth, whether it be in-game or in-studio. With this chance at the latter, the 37-year-old Philly icon will have his shot at laying some groundwork for his potential second career. We can only hope he's really, really awesome at this and doesn't turn into Cal Ripken.