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Game thread: Phillies at Mets 9/24/2016

How are there still two more games in this series!?

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Seriously, how is this series not over yet? The Phillies are still facing the Mets, because baseball is trying to hurt us. It’s trying to make us SAD. WHY.

Today's Lineups

Cesar Hernandez - 2B Jose Reyes - 3B
Roman Quinn - RF Asdrubal Cabrera - SS
Odubel Herrera - CF Yoenis Cespedes - LF
Maikel Franco - 3B Curtis Granderson - CF
Tommy Joseph - 1B Kelly Johnson - 2B
Darin Ruf - LF Michael Conforto - RF
Freddy Galvis - SS Lucas Duda - 1B
Jorge Alfaro - C Travis d'Arnaud - C
Alec Asher - RHP Sean Gilmartin - LHP

Oh god, I just realized that when this series is over, the Phillies still have three more games against the Mets. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO US?! WE’RE GOOD PEOPLE! WE DON’T DESERVE THIS!!