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Interminable Rains of Unfortunate Timing: Braves 7, Phillies 6

We lost.

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves
Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

On the other hand, we only have to play two more games, ever, in Turner Field, so aren’t we the real winners here?

Well, some of us are. Others of us, notably Severino Gonzalez, Luis Garcia, Joely Rodriguez and David Hernandez, are in fact the losers, as they combined to give away a 6-1 lead. Jerad Eickhoff went into the rainstorm with a lead, like Carson Wentz would do, but the bullpen wasted little time in giving it back.

Let’s focus on the good parts. The first two innings, perhaps.

Like this Ryan Howard grand slam, in the first.

Or this Cameron Rupp double, in the second, that I can’t embed, because reasons.

Things like that were good. Eickhoff was pretty good, too, pitching four innings before the rainstorm, allowing one run (and one hit) on Freddie Freeman’s solo home run. He walked none, and struck out five, and if this is his last start, he went out on a good note (I realize he may start the finale this Sunday).

Roman Quinn had three hits including a double, as the Phillies piled ten hits and six early runs on Julio Teheran. After the lengthy rain delay, however, the Phils’ bullpen could not keep the Braves off the bases; while thanks to endless chopping from the twelve fans who stayed until the end...

You know what happened at this point anyway.

Also Bobby Cox was there and did stuff and should go away and leave us alone.

There are five games left on the calendar. Two more in Hellhole Land, followed by a three-game series against the Mets at home. You should go to those games, as they will be likely the last time you can see a certain player.