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The Phillies twitter account did something awesome (seriously!)

The Phillies twitter account shut down a dumb tweet from 97.5 The Fanatic, and it was amazing.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Sports talk radio has one mission: make people angry. It doesn’t matter how they do it, they just need to do it. It’s usually through loud, offensive, nonsensical radio personalities, and listener calls from people who know very little. Sure, random person, talk about the time Ryan Howard went to a local theme park instead of taking 10 straight hours of batting practice! Who doesn’t want to listen to that? (No one. No one wants to.)

But did you know that their “make people angry” brand extends to their social media? Behold a really stupid tweet sent by Philadelphia sports talk station 97.5 The Fanatic.

I’m really baffled at how anyone could get sick of the Phanatic. The Phillies have done a lot of things wrong on the non-baseball side of their operations (don’t get me started), but the Phanatic is something they get right. They’ve figured out just the right amount to use him during the game, they know what his appeal is with the public, they’ve finally killed the Red (Apostate) Phanatic, and the guy they have in the costume is delightful. I could understand if you got sick of him during the season, somehow, if you were going to games all the time or the Phanatic just showed up on your train on the way to work, or at your office every day. But it’s the offseason! Most of us are going through Phanatic withdrawal!

It’s a stupid, stupid question. And whoever is running the Phillies twitter account these days found the perfect way to respond.

I’ve been really, really hard on the Phillies social media in the past. But this is actually funny. Good job by them.

And shut up, The Fanatic.