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Predicting the Phillies' 25-man roster. Felske Files Episode 86!

In this episode of the Felske Files, host John Stolnis takes a crack at predicting the Phillies' Opening Day 25-man roster. Also, Phils beat writer from Calkins Media, Kevin Cooney, joins to talk expectations for Maikel Franco, the best and worst free agents in Phillies history and more. Plus, how jetlag affects baseball players, the deaths of two Dominican players, and medical issues with a former Phil and former Phillie prospect.

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I have a warning for you, folks. Spring training might be a little boring this year.

Look, it's going to be great to see all the top prospects assembled in Clearwater, and when they're on the field, we'll all be watching. But spring training is typically a time when position battles and rotation spots are won. That won't be the case with the Phils this time.

The everyday-eight appears to be set, as does the rotation and most of the bullpen. Seeing as how it's a low bar to hurdle, I decided to take a crack at the Opening Day 25-man roster on this week's edition of The Felske Files.

Also, Phils beat writer from Calkins Media, Kevin Cooney stops by to chat about expectations for Maikel Franco. What's fair and what's expecting too much? Kevin and I debate on the merits of Jonathan Papelbon as one of the best Phils' free agent signings in history, and who were the best and worst free agents in the history of the franchise?

Plus, ESPN's Keith Law is out with his top 100, see where Phils prospects rank, an update on the health condition of two former members of the organization, the sad passing of two Dominican Major Leaguers, and how jet lag affects baseball players. There is a real effect, gang.

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