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On Jose Bautista, Mike Trout and the Hall of Fame: FF #83!’s Jay Jaffe and Fangraphs’ Nathaniel Grow join John Stolnis on the Felske Files podcast this week.

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To Jose Bautista, or not to Jose Bautista, that is the question.

The Phils are looking to add a bat, as you've already heard. The most fascinating named floating around is Joey Bats, who had a down year in 2016, is 37, but also has the potential to be a dynamic force in the middle of a Phillies lineup that desperately needs one. This week, I'll debate the pros and cons of adding Bautista to the roster, even if it's for just half a season.

Also, with the Hall of Fame voting nearing an end, the creator of the JAWS metric,'s Contributing Writer Jay Jaffe joins the podcast to talk about his statistic that has made it a whole lot easier to judge whether a player is worthy of induction.

I'll also give you the 10 players I would vote to induct if I ever had a vote. Which I will not.

Finally, there is a law in California that could turn Mike Trout, and other players playing in that state, into free agents. Fangraphs' Nathaniel Grow joins the podcast to break it all down.