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Open Thread: Friday’s Division Series Games

Phillies-free playoff baseball.

Divisional Round - New York Yankees v Cleveland Indians - Game One Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

It’s playoffs time, and as you may have noticed, the Phillies are not there. At no point this year were they even realistically close to being there. But hey, it’s okay! This was not the Phillies’ year, but that doesn’t mean some year in the future won’t be.

But enough about the Phillies. Game 2 of the Red Sox-Astros ALDS (on Fox Sports 1) is halfway done, and Game 2 of the Yankees-Indians ALDS (on MLB Network) starts at 5. Those two games will be followed Game 1 for every NL team. The Nationals take on the Cubs at 7:30 on TBS, and then the Dodgers take on the Diamondbacks at 10:30, also on TBS.

It’s an entire evening of baseball, and you don’t have to feel nervous or crazy or insane about it. Enjoy that, because as soon as the Phillies make it back, there will be no more relaxing. I can’t wait!

Discuss all the games in the comments below.