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The Dirty Inning, Episode 17: A Dirty Doubleheader

One filthy frame to get you dirty and a restorative baptism to clean you off.

Folks, it’s been a surreal couple of weeks.

The Phillies welcomed a new manager to the fold, one from outside the organization who embraces all of the modernization the Phillies have avoided for generations.

And just last week, the tragic passing of Roy Halladay has us all scrambling to find the words to memorialize a player who affected us so deeply.

Justin Klugh and Trevor Strunk have, after weeks of a hiatus, reopened The Dirty Inning files to both look back on the filthiest inning we could find on Gabe Kapler (NO ONE IS IMMUNE, GABE) and to celebrate one of the finest innings in Phillies history, authored by the immortal hand of Roy Halladay.

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