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MLB GM Meetings: Phillies recap, Day Three

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A slower day in Orlando allows our pulses return to normal.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Chicago Cubs Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

You know how you think the Phillies are blessed with a few gifted outfielders? At least to the point that accruing more outfielders isn’t a fruitful use of their time at the MLB GM Meetings in Orlando?

Well, get this [leans in uncomfortably close, forcing you to experience my peanut-breath]: The Cardinals have even more of ‘um.

Harrison Bader, Randal Grichuk, Tommy Pham, Stephen Piscotty and Magneuris Sierra! If you know some of those names, you’re already up to speed. But for those of you who haven’t heard Harrison Bader’s OPS whispered between strangers on the street, it’s .764. Consider yourself informed.

There’s actually seven of these guys on the Cardinals’ major league roster, and double that if you total the number of them from AA to the big leagues. So, naturally, St. Louis is looking to deal some of their bounty for a Giancarlo Stanton-level talent to put in their lineup; only, you know, not Giancarlo Stanton, because he doesn’t want to play there.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, this article bothered to mention that the Phillies have had “passing interest” in “ one of the Cardinals outfielders” recently, though whether or not they still have that interest, given their own stability at the position, is left up for interpretation—as is, when you really consider this wording, whether or not it’s actually Grichuk:

The Phillies and Baltimore Orioles are also teams that have had had at least passing interest in at least one of the Cardinals’ outfielders. Randal Grichuk has been the outfielder that comes up the most often, and he was scouted at the trade deadline by a handful of teams

That was a hell of a whiz-banger to lead off the trade rumors post, wasn’t it? A half-muttered mention in an article from late on Tuesday night? That’ what you come here for.

Sorry I sort of took you for a walk there. But try this on for size: This is the year Scott Boras finally took the acid tablets he always keeps in his pocket at these meetings, swearing he’s going to take them.

The Phillies and Arrieta have been a thought for months now, based on not much more than Arrieta is a front line starter, despite a poor first half to 2016, and the Phillies need fewer scarecrows in their starting rotation.

Boras was making his big pitch yesterday, and reporters gathered for sound bites as he introduced his new catch phrase for the 2017 off-season:

Rocking a bright blue sport coat, a white dress shirt and jeans, the super-agent stood outside the Waldorf Astoria Orlando on Wednesday afternoon and delivered a State of Boras Corp. address for roughly 45 minutes, dropping all sorts of metaphors about the gated community he calls “Playoffville.”

Boras might not be the gatekeeper for many of the Phillies’ targets just yet; Arrieta is just a theory for now, and the Boras client currently on everyone’s lips due to interest from the Red Sox, Eric Hosmer, probably shouldn’t be on the Phillies’ shopping list, despite their rumored search for a first baseman that confused everybody earlier in the week.

Elsewhere, Derek Jeter isn’t talking to Giancarlo Stanton, even if the Marlins slugger is waking up to headlines about himself every day, but like we’ve established, the Phillies being involved in that situation grows less likely. And the Nationals want desperately to keep the Phillies and Bryce Harper apart in 2018, but aren’t doing a good job of it thus far as contract extension talks have not yet begun. Harper’s agent [squints at notecards] Scott Boras—oh, right—says the ball is in Washington’s court.

Enjoy your coffee as the sun rises over another day in Orlando, where executives will be in a frenzy attempting to add the players they think they’re missing; except for the Braves. Turns out they’re actually just going to lose some players.