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(Re)Introducing Fanpost Fridays

It’s your turn to get involved.

Chicago Cubs v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

You are always hearing from us.

We here at The Good Phight are proud being able to provide you with some interesting analysis, thought-provoking opinions and humorous podcasts that help us all become more engaged with this team. We’ve been through the ups and downs these past few years together with you. As much as you have felt the pain of losing, the ineptitude exhibited on the field or at the plate, imagine having to write about it, day in and day out.

We’re not complaining! We love it, each and every one of us. We wouldn’t be able to provide with our work if we didn’t 100% believe in what we wrote. Will you disagree with us? Absolutely. Will we disagree with you? Of course! But together, we are about to enter one of the more exciting times in the team’s history, as we embark on the end stages of the rebuild and head into the good times, the times of fun, the times of playoff contention.

So, now seems as good a time as any to begin again the concept of Fanpost Fridays. We’re asking you to come up with your own ideas and topics and write about them in the Fanpost section (found here) where we can interact with you more. I know personally, I try and comment along with you in my pieces, but I am not always able to do so. But, since many of you are just as passionate about the Phillies as we are, we’d like to hear what you have to say. It can be anything - hard hitting analysis, informed opinions, anything. You choose the topics and wait for the comments to come in.

Now, I know that a lot of times, ideas are hard to come by. So, for this first post, I’d like to propose a topic:

What would be your perfect offseason for the Phillies?

This can be daunting. Do you tender contracts to all the arbitration eligible players? Do you make a big trade, landing a big fish, or are you hoping to hook a smaller minnow? Are you a spender or more conservative with your money?

We look forward to your ideas and all the others that you choose. You never know - your post may end up on the front page of the main site!

Good luck and happy writing!