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Baseball America release Phillies top prospects list

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Los Angeles Dodgers v Philadelphia Phillies
J.P. slid into the top spot on the list again.
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

On Monday Baseball America released their top 10 Phillies prospect list (Subscription required for writeups). There’s a lot to digest, but probably the best place to start is the actual list.

  1. J.P. Crawford, SS
  2. Sixto Sanchez, RHP
  3. Scott Kingery, 2B
  4. Adonis Medina, RHP
  5. Adam Haseley, OF
  6. Jojo Romero, LHP
  7. Jhailyn Ortiz, OF
  8. Jorge Alfaro, C
  9. Mickey Moniak, OF
  10. Franklyn Kilome, RHP

Just in case you forgot, here’s a link to the midseason edition. The first note to make is that Hoskins and Williams graduated off the list (Alfaro is 7 At Bats shy of graduating), so some guys likely moved up in large part because of those 2 openings (Haseley, despite a mediocre debut). Still, aside from Sixto, Kingery and Kilome, people leapt all over the damned place. Seven weeks of baseball was apparently enough to vault Crawford 6th back to 1st, while 5 weeks of very bad baseball was enough to drop Mickey Mo from 1st to 9th. It’s not really worth getting too hung up over the number in front of the name. Mid-season lists are reliably unreliable and, aside from keeping writers busy, fairly useless.

All that said the writeups for the postseason list are often pretty insightful. Here are some highlights:

Crawford: Crawford’s swing was a bit of a mess before he took a 9 day break in mid-June. It was fixed when he returned and he pulled his hands in tighter to his body and kept his hip closed. He should eventually become an above average Shortstop

Sixto: His Changeup and Slider both show above-average to plus potential, but the Change needs to come from the same arm slot as the Fastball and the Slider needs more power. Front of the rotation ceiling and could move quickly.

Kingery: Not much new here. Could be a plus hitter, runner and defender with average-ish arm and power. Potential top of the order hitter.

Adonis: Lots of newer details here. He overhauled his delivery to extend his release point (given he’s 6’1” that helps) so the hitters get a bit less reaction time. His brand new Slider is already an average pitch and his Changeup went from average to plus. Mid-rotation potential.

Haseley: Not much new from draft reports. Mostly he’s average at everything and might have been run down from so much baseball the last year, see how he rebounds in 2018.

Jojo: His Fastball gained 2 mph this year, he locates it well and his Change, Curved Slider are all average or better pitches. He’s polished and should move fast. #3/4 Starter.

Jhailyn: 70 Power, K’s will always be an issue. His swing timing could use refining as he leaks his weight forward too early, but he improved his approach and pitch recognition.

Alfaro: Needs to get to his Power more and improve his blocking and receiving.

Mickey Mo: Maybe he was tired. Scouts still like the swing, but he got overaggressive perhaps and rolled over a lot of balls. Defense not as good as expected as his routes were questionable. Talent’s still there, just needs to put things together.

Kilome: Electric Fastball and a new, effective 2-seamer. Above average Curve and inconsistent Slider, but his mechanics get wonky and puts him in hitters counts. 2-seamer was added to increase weak, ground ball contact. K rate way down.

My takeaways from all this: We have great prospect names, but also we seem to have a few legitimately great prospects. I can see paths where J.P., Sixto, Kingery and Ortiz all become franchise cornerstones and All-Stars. Jojo, Haseley, Adonis and even Moniak read like there’s potential for solid contributors there, with Alfaro and Kilome wild cards. And a top 10 can’t contain all the potential, if they extended to 15 you might have Roman Quinn, Seranthony Dominguez, Franklyn Morales, Tom Eshelman and Spencer Howard. That’s an intriguing mix of electric potential that can’t stay healthy (Roman and Seranthony), new, untapped top to middle rotation potential (Morales and Howard) and a Pitcher so reliable you can set your clock by him (Eshelman).

Ben Badler also answered reader questions in a chat and had some rather nice things to say about guys off and way off the list. Including Simon Muzziotti, Kyle Young, Mauricio Llovera and Ranger Suarez. Also, this nugget on Jose Pujols: “I haven't heard any discussion of it at all, but Pujols' arm is also good enough where I'd be intrigued by what he'd look like on the mound.”

This is all very encouraging, but between the exciting World Series, the new Manager (who should give Moniak some weight training and diet tips) and all of this potential I’m now jonesing hard for the 2018 season that’s 5 months away.