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2017 Phillies player review: Cameron Rupp

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Autocorrect kept trying to change Cameron Rupp to Cameron RIP...

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This season, Cameron Rupp held a lot of puppies in his very large arms. That's it. He certainly didn't play any baseball.

Okay, so he technically played in 88 games for the Phillies, but he was not very good in those games. Seriously, focusing on Cameron Rupp's community outreach & charity programs would make this piece way nicer. Then I wouldn't have to get into specifics and talk about his .217 batting average, the fact that he had the third most errors out of any catcher, or that he was second in passed balls.

Second. Ugh.

At the beginning of the 2016 season, I jokingly bought a Rupp shirsey because I thought he was the player who looked as though he would give the best hugs. This season, being an owner of a Rupp shirsey was... embarrassing. I spent most of my games at the ballpark groaning in it each time it seemed as though Rupp forgot how to be a catcher.

But hey, his involvement with Philly's ALS society and the Pennsylvania SPCA earned him the Phillies nomination for the Roberto Clemente award! Until Nick Williams and Rhys Hoskins came up, the Phillies social media team did their best to push Rupp to the front of their marketing campaigns and media obligations. He seemed more than happy to do it and give back to his community, which is great, but they're not paying him to look attractive while holding dogs. At least, I don't think they are. Still, he's much better at playing with puppies than calling baseball games.

Here, have another video of him promoting his Pennsylvania SPCA event. It'll help you forget that he had the same amount of strikeouts (114) in 2017 as he did in 2016 even though his at bats dropped from 389 to 295.

I guess he's partially responsible for the existence of the word 'Ruppapalooza' so that's another strike against him.

Rupp is a smiley dude with Arms™ that I would graciously allow to carry me around this city. I would... not let those same arms come back next season to catch or bat for this team. It's time for Rupp to take a step back so Alfaro and/or Knapp can settle into the position.