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The baseball world mourns Roy Halladay

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Everyone loved Roy Halladay.

Roy Halladay Press Conference Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

It’s one of the truly saddest things that someone can’t know the impact they’ve had, or how much they were beloved, until they’re no longer around to see it. The outpouring of love, grief, and memories after the tragic death of Roy Halladay on Tuesday has been almost immeasurable. I hope Roy knew how much people loved him, and what an impact he had on baseball — not just with the people he played with, but with the people who watched him play.

There is almost too much to account for. Statements from former teammates and managers, tweets with pictures and memories, stories from media members, it’s overwhelming how much Halladay was loved and respected.

Below is a highlight collection of tweets from those people. (It’s not meant to be an exhaustive catalog.) We’ll start with his Phillies teammates, and where else to start but with his Phillies skipper and friend, Charlie Manuel.

Get ready to feel some feelings, friends.

There’s a “Doc wakes up God with his exercise routine” joke in here somewhere, I just can’t seem to find it.

Shane Victorino loves exclamation points. But that’s who he is, and we love him anyway.

Remember Mike Sweeney? His big smiles and even bigger hugs? He was great.

And Brian Schneider! He’s got memories of the same moment.

Here’s another trip down memory lane: Michael Young. I regret making fun of him so much on this website back in the day, because he’s a truly awesome dude. His Twitter feed is excellent in general, and he chose the perfect story to share.

Cole also spoke to the media about Roy, from Citizens Bank Park. John Stolnis will have coverage of that later today, but here’s a clip.

My heart hurts.

Oh boy, this is the one we’ve been waiting for.

Oh, Chooch.

Here are longer statements from several Phillies players, some of which you’ve already seen above, but others are new.

You probably don’t need to be reminded of how good Roy Halladay was, but here are a few tweets about that anyway.

Below are tweets from other players, journalists, and friends.

And here’s one final tweet that legitimately made me weep.

I thought I ran out of tears yesterday. Turns out I was wrong.