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Pat Neshek trolled us all with a weird Rhys Hoskins number switcheroo

Just another Thursday night.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Pat Neshek is a member of the Phillies again, and he’s taking advantage of that fact right away.

On Thursday night, Neshek tweeted this.

Um, okay? I mean, that’s nice of Hoskins to switch, I guess? It seems badly timed since Christmas is in 10 days and people have already bought and given Hanukkah gifts, and some of those gifts might be a Hoskins jersey or shirsey with “17” on it, but Neshek was signed just a few days ago. He can’t help the timing. Right?



Neshek was just pulling our leg, apparently! Joking around! Fooling with our delicate emotions and our already much-loved Hoskins shirts! I mean, maybe the giveaway that this was a joke should have been that Neshek offered to sign 12 balls as payment. Neshek is great and all, but I don’t think that’s going to net Hoskins that much money.

I was already glad to have Neshek back, so this delightfully bizarre sense of humor is just icing on the cake. That sense of humor presumably comes from signing a two-year contract instead of being a one-year rental. And it probably helps that the Phillies team Neshek signed with this year is a lot better than the Phillies team he signed with last year. It’s a lot more fun to joke under those circumstances, right?

If I can add a sundae cherry on top of that nicely iced cake, here it is. Our own Paul Boyé was manning the TGP Twitter account tonight, and stumbled upon Neshek’s first tweet.

Neshek was ready and waiting.

He’s not rude or annoyed, just very matter-of-fact in his ownage. Do you need any more reasons to love Pat Neshek? I think not.