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Is baseball broken and how to fix it? Felske Files Episode 88!

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On this week's show, Liz Roscher joins the show to discuss the ways MLB can make itself more marketable to millennials. Also, Matt Winkelman joins the show to talk prospects and PECOTA projections.

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Based on what you hear from the MLB Commissioner's Office, you'd think baseball is dying. It's not. But there are some causes for concern.

The average age of a baseball fan is 53 years old, the oldest of the four major professional sports. So how does baseball get younger people to watch? Joining the show this week is the Liz Roscher of The Good Phight and Yahoo!'s Big League Stew to talk about baseball's good (and mostly bad) ideas on how to "fix" the game and what they need to do in order to gain some traction.

Also, TGP's Matt Winkelman joins the show to give us his list of the Phils' top 10 prospects and talk PECOTA projections, which came out this week. And what grade would you give the Phillies' off-season?

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