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Phillies pitchers & catchers have reported! Felske Files Episode 89!

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This week marks the official start of spring training, and the official start of a second weekly Felske Files podcast, where John Stolnis is joined by Justin Klugh as co-host of this version of the pod, which will air on Mondays.

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It's a #brand expansion, kids!

Pitchers and catchers have now officially reported for spring training, which means the 2017 Phillies season has unofficially begun. This year, the Felske Files podcast will broadcast twice a week, once on Mondays and once at the end of the week (Thursdays or Fridays).

Joining me every Monday will be fellow Good Phight writer Justin Klugh, where we will break down the weekend's action and cover any stories the normal Felske Files podcast may have missed. This week, Justin and I discuss expectations for the 2017 season, positional battles, the World Baseball Championship, what John Kruk would have been like as Phillies manager, and how scared we are of Aaron Nola's arm exploding.

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