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Don't forget about Aaron Altherr, guys. Felske Files Episode 91!

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In Episode 91 of The Felske Files, hosts John Stolnis and Justin Klugh talk about injuries to two young Phillies starting pitchers, Zach Eflin and Jake Thompson. Is it too soon to freak out? Yeah, it is. Also, we debate who was the greater Phillie, Jimmy Rollins or Chase Utley? And, Aaron Altherr kindly asks that we don't forget about him. So we didn't.

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Last year, rookie outfielder Aaron Altherr was one of the players Phils fans were most excited about.

In just a September call-up, Altherr showed so much intriguing power and defensive ability that he was handed the right field job. Handed it. It was his. That was until the baseball gods smote him down good, breaking his wrist in spring training and submarining any shot he had at holding down that job.

Now, the outfield is manned by vets and Altherr is a forgotten man. But on this week's show, Justin Klugh and John Stolnis went out of their way to remember him, and explained why you should too.

Also, on this episode, we talk about minor injuries to Zach Eflin and Jake Thompson, and debate who had the better Phillies career... Jimmy Rollins or Chase Utley?

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