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Phillies news and links — The baseball community mourns Dallas Green

There’s only one thing to talk about today.

Dallas Green

Other stuff happened yesterday in Phillies land, and I could talk about that, but it all seems pretty trivial now. Because there’s really only one thing to talk about this morning.

The baseball community mourns the passing of Dallas Green

Dallas Green made such an impact on so many people during his time with the Phillies, and it’s evident in the sheer amount of excellent writing and stories and heartfelt emotion that has poured out in the last 18 hours.

Jim Salisbury showed us all why he’s the best in the business with his piece about Dallas Green. If it doesn’t make you cry, your heart’s made of stone.

Larry Bowa couldn’t keep it together while talking about the man he called “a second father.”

David Montgomery shed a few tears of his own.

Jayson Stark wrote the forward to Green’s book “The Mouth That Roared,” called it an honor, and shared it on Twitter.

John Kruk shared the story of when he first met Green, and Mike Schmidt recalled the time that Green called him out

And John Finger came out of retirement to tell us about Dallas in Charlie Manuel’s office right after the Phillies won the 2008 World Series.

Tweet of the day

Yeah, I was gonna make this whole thing about Dallas Green, but Ben Davis farted out such a spectacular turd of a tweet that I had to share it.

He was watching the World Baseball Classic and he was hearing the Puerto Rican fans, who brought drums and noisemakers and horns. That’s what the hell it is, Ben. And it doesn’t stop because the fans are excited and supportive, and it also doesn’t stop because it’s awesome. Ben Davis is a square-headed fun-hating dumbbell and he’s unequivocally wrong about this.